Handyman Samui

With professional home maintenance services in place, owners of homes, resort properties and business premises on Koh Samui can drastically reduce the costs and safety threats often associated with properties built in remote island locations.

Professional handyman services are now available on Koh Samui to ensure structural features, plumbing and electrical systems meet international standards, and skilled maintenance teams can see to repairs quickly, whether a property requires regular upkeep or owners face an emergency situation.

In tropical locations, cracks in exterior or boundary walls can allow animals and insects to enter a property, increasing risks to children and pets, or bothering guests in resort properties. Injuries or even fatalities due to faulty wiring attest to the risks and costs that such seemingly minor problems can cause. Owners can reduce such risks before they develop by using trained professionals to inspect and troubleshoot potential problems.

Do you need exposed wiring secured or hidden? Are you throwing money out of windows and doors that leak air due to improper alignment or missing bases? Are your stone surfaces and tiled areas becoming unsightly due to lack of proper cleaning or restoration? Do your under-sink or bathroom spaces smell from gathering mould or stinky mildew? Is your lighting effective, or does it need adjusting of LED racks in high ceilings? Do balcony railings need reinforcing?

Problems such as those listed above can easily be identified by trained maintenance teams under the supervision of experienced managers to quickly correct nagging issues so you can live in comfort and safety. If you run a business or manage a resort property, maintenance teams can help you avoid the legal costs and damage to repeat business that results when injuries are caused by electrical shocks or fires, loose carpet or railings. The reasonable cost of regular maintenance can save businesses many times over in the long term, especially when it comes to replacing wood, metal, glass and stone surfaces.

Home owners will sleep better knowing that their properties are secure, safe and reinforced against bad weather. Customers also appreciate the care taken to keep commercial and resort properties in their best working order, and owners then feel proud of their well-kept premises or facilities.