Handyman Koh Samui

On Koh Samui, the owners and managers of private homes, hotels, and business premises can now have all their maintenance needs taken care of by a group of trusted professionals. A locally based company of experts provides full service repair and handyman services for the entire range of in-home needs, from general fix-up work to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning maintenance and a range of other related services.

Whether building a new property, restoring an existing home or refitting a turnkey business, a one-stop handyman service meets a range of needs with experienced professionals to make planning and execution a simple and painless process.

On-call services cover emergency repairs, while regular monthly maintenance contract offer additional peace of mind. English-speaking on-site supervisors can quickly assess structural issues, whether for traditional and contemporary building styles. Skilled teams work in tandem to fix problems of minor or major scope, such as plumbing leaks, electrical shorts and failures, correction of construction errors and dangers, simple clean-up and interior/exterior issues as they arise.

Using knowledgeable, trained experts to maintain and improve properties can save major expense that arise when problems are left unresolved. Correcting improperly installed wiring reduces the chances of electrical fires, while eliminating leaks and drips under sinks avoids damage from mould and mildew before costly replacement of cabinets and furniture occurs. Homeowners can also avoid expensive damage from leaking air conditioning systems that can ruin costly curtains, carpets and flooring.

Skilled maintenance professionals also offset problems created by untrained construction crews, such as exposed screws and nails, slivers on wooden railings, screwing in hard-to-reach light bulbs, aligning cabinet doors or securing ill-fitting screens. They can also help lower cooling costs by ensuring that drapes and blinds are properly attached and working well, and that HVAC systems are set properly.

For those that run a commercial property or resort on Koh Samui, using trained maintenance personnel can save a fortune and prevent a range of safety risks posed by electrical shocks and other hazards related to improper construction.