Electrical Koh Samui

Sub-standard electrical work is a common problem in tropical destinations where skilled labour is hard to source. Injuries and even deaths caused by electric shocks often hit the local headlines, so it benefits property owners significantly to use qualified professionals that can ensure their homes, businesses and resorts are well maintained.

On Koh Samui, skilled labourers managed by supervisors fluent in English are now available to carry out essential maintenance work island-wide. Years of service and a long list of satisfied customers attest to their abilities to do all manner of home electrical installations and repairs. Customers that need lighting fixtures installed, wiring redone, Jacuzzi wiring added for a new tub, or old and possibly rotting wiring replaced to high, safe specifications, can call on an expert team.

In addition to home electrical systems, the technical team at Managing Samui has installed wireless internet networks for home- and business-owners. Their work also includes wiring systems for telephones, data cabling, lighting, alarms and camera systems. They are also skilled in re-fitting faulty wiring that has been installed incorrectly.

As part of a thorough approach, trained electricians check breaker and wire sizes, inspect wiring at load panels, ensure the presence of earth (grounding) wiring to sockets and appliances, and install step-down transformers for outdoor circuits or circuits where an outlet is in close proximity to water. They also check demand and loads on appliances and computers to ensure that expensive electrical and business systems and equipment remain in good long-term working order.

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has experienced problems caused by inferior repairs or installation of wiring, you’ll surely know the headaches, annoyances and expense it can cause. By using a qualified, professional electrical technician you can save money and hassle in the long term and you’ll be a safer and happier property owner too.