Cleaners & maids

Cleaning is a highly visual element of Property Management services and its visibility makes it a high priority for all clients. Managing Samui believe that, to properly control and improve standards we clearly spell out the needs of a cleaning service in order for the proper resources to provide a suitable and satisfactory level of service commensurate with functionality. As you would expect, the cost and nature of cleaning varies according to the type of building and its use.

The main priorities are:

  • Appearance
  • Safety
  • Hygiene

These elements are used by Managing Samui to formulate a quality schedule which in turn forms part of the internal service specification required for this function and will affect such things as the frequency of cleaning (vacuuming, sanitary, polishing, clean room, special cleans, etc).

When we look at the cost of cleaning in Koh Samui we take into account the following:

  • The rate and recurrence of cleans
  • Labour, equipment and consumable costs
  • The behaviour of the occupiers
  • The “cleanability” of surfaces within the premises

Managing Samui considers and assesses each of these factors to enable them to provide the right service at definitively the most economical cost.

The Managing Samui Guarantee is a reflection of the commitment that comes from training and measurable processes.  It’s a commitment that begins with a positive attitude and a drive to always do better!  This is what makes Managing Samui different.