The Managing Samui catering service currently provides our clients with first class restaurant  facilities as we have staff currently outsourced at local restaraunts as Chefs. We cater for special events, (buffet, BBQ and beverages), sandwiches and food/beverage services.

Whatever your chosen option, we guarantee to provide a professional and cost effective solution to your needs. The typical range of catering services that Managing Samui can provide includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Private chefs
  • BBQ/special functions
  • Buffet and beverage service
  • Sandwich service
  • Drinks and snacks

At Managing Samui, we believe that the provision of a high quality and diverse  catering service, regardless of size, is not difficult to achieve – what is difficult, is to ensure that it meets customer expectations on a regular basis, that it is fresh and interesting and that customers enjoy "the meal experience" when using the service.

Managing Samui believe that our staff are our most important asset and we ensure that all catering employees are given an extensive induction, on-going training and the support and guidance that makes them feel part of the team.