Air conditioning services Koh Samui

Did you know that an air-conditioning system that is poorly maintained can use up to 25% more energy than a fully functioning one? That’s why maintenance firms like Managing Samui conduct regular inspections and service visit to homes and commercial units on tropical islands like Koh Samui.

A failing system that is not cleaned or maintained properly will strain to maintain low temperatures, and it can quickly burn out, even causing a fire or the release of poisonous Freon gas, which is often used to refrigerate the emitted air. Furthermore, units that are not well maintained can spread Thermophilic Actinomycetes or Legionella Pheumophila – two dangerous microorganisms that can cause respiratory difficulties including asthma.

At Managing Samui, professional engineers are trained to work with a range of A/C systems, everything from smaller wall-mounted units to huge underfloor or concealed ceiling networks that provide cooling air in large villas and commercial buildings such as hotels and nightclubs.

After an initial survey of the site and equipment used, the engineers offer total maintenance solutions on all major brands, including cleaning inside and out, as well as removing parts that need to undergo more thorough sanitation or replacement.

Once the system is in peak working order, customers soon understand the advantages in the form of consistently comfortable and clean cool air.

Waking up in the middle of the night to find warm air blowing out of your AC unit or vents is a very unpleasant experience, especially during Koh Samui’s long hot season. With temperatures predicted to rise year-on year, property owners and hotel guests will be less and less keen to face the heat without a properly cooling system.