Air conditioning Koh Samui

Engaging the services of skilled air-conditioning maintenance and repair professionals provides an important advantage for businesses in tropical tourism destinations such as Koh Samui where a cool, fresh indoor ambience is considered essential to complement the natural heat.

In addition to wall-mounted systems, the skilled engineers employed by island firms like Managing Samui also maintain, repair and work with concealed floor and ceiling duct systems. Every one of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers undergoes extensive training and boasts considerable experience working on a range of brands and connecting systems.

The repair and maintenance process generally involves checking and cleaning filters, rollers, belts, drainage pipes and tubes. It may also require inspection of thermostats, blowers, compressor load levels and coolant levels. Often, lubrication of the fan coil motor is also needed, and all connections must be carefully checked for leaks as the entire system should be sealed to provide maximum safety and performance.

Air-conditioning system checks are not easily performed by an untrained employee. They are better left to skilled and seasoned professionals. Freon gas can be deadly if inhaled, which means caution and knowledge must be applied when working with such systems. The staff at Managing Samui are fully trained to observe all safety precautions, being especially careful to see that clients and their families remain out of harm’s way.

With supervisors and staff that speak English, the team at Managing Samui is well equipped to offer premium services to international home owners or businesses. They never leave a mess behind, and always make sure to protect surfaces, materials and nearby furniture, remaining courteous as well as thoroughly efficient.

Property owners and commercial managers feel secure in the knowledge that experts are on call for emergency calls, even to fix problems outside office hours. This is especially important during the hottest months when the AC units are working hard. By setting up a regular maintenance schedule, users significantly reduce the chances of such an emergency.